Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

There is a wonderful book that I read over 25 years ago called Tales from the Magic Monastery. That book has numerous small stories in it that provide amazing food for thought. One of these little stories is called “What Will You Give Me?” and it is one that struck a deep chord in me all those years ago, and the lesson in it is one that I have been trying to put into practice ever since:

What will you give me?

Strange sight — a monk with no legs sat by the wall, calling out to passersby, “What will you give me? What will you give me?”

I felt compelled to stop and apologize: “I am a monk myself, so I have nothing to give you.”

“Give me your unhappiness,” he demanded. I did.

These words…”Give me your unhappiness” are so powerful to me. I immediately took this story to heart and I imagined Christ being the Beggar, who was asking for me to let go of my Unhappiness. What an odd thing to ask for! Why do I feel so attached to my Unhappiness? Why do I feel Uncomfortable and Uneasy at the thought of Giving God my Unhappiness, my Misery?

This is a deep theme in the hearts of many of us in the human race. It is not only those of us who have suffered to extreme degrees who sometimes find ourselves attached to our Pain…it happens so easily on a daily basis. When someone slights me or doesn’t appreciate me, how often I cling to that offense as if it is a prized possession. It makes me feel justified in being angry or hurt or put out. It becomes a story of my victimization that I can use to blame another and put them down.

My Unhappiness is my Emotional Wheelchair that keeps people from putting too many demands on me, and most of all, from me expecting more of me.

What if Someone asked me to Let Go Of My Pain and My Unhappiness and asked me to Stand Up and Dance instead of Wallowing in my Claims of being Lame?

It happens often, and I am proud to say that more and more often when I feel pinned down by emotional and mental pain, I think of this story, I pray, I picture myself Giving My Unhappiness to the Beggar, and I get Up and Dance. I know that Beggar is my Christ in Disguise, and I know that in that Act of Letting Go of it, I am actually Transforming it Within, into the Energy of Joy!

True Healing brings Joy. True Healing causes Joy to spill out to others.

With my love and respect, z Miłością i Zaangażowaniem, Con Amore e Impegno,

I remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie