Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

For many years I have been working with people who are Sick, or Suffering, with people young and old who are in the Dying Process and there is a very obvious Reality called: The Work of Death. (Except of course, for those who die suddenly.)

It is an Enormous Work, especially when it is prolonged and when it included the gradual diminishment of the faculties and capacities that were once flowing with Ease.

A magnificent and amazing man I knew many years ago who died said to me one day “Sweetheart, Death is taking me Piece by Piece! First, I lose my teeth!  Next I lose my Eyesight!  Now, I am losing my Hearing!  I have lost my Vigor, my Strength…I cannot Walk without holding on to you, I cannot Sleep without pills, I cannot Eat the foods I love! I cannot Remember the Poems and the Songs that have been a part of my Speech for 70 years!”

I was deeply moved by the poignant way this man described the Work of Letting Go of his Life, Piece by Piece.

This is something I Witness every single day in my work with the Elderly and Dying.

Now I am also Witnessing this Piece By Piece Dismantling of my Brother, Gioffredo.

Yesterday when I visited I could see him trying to keep his eyes open to visit with me.  But he couldn’t do it.  It was just too hard.  This is a man who has been one of the Strongest Human Beings I have ever known, on so many levels of Life.  Yet he did not have the Strength to hold his Eyelids open.

I asked him what it felt like….he said…” I hear you asking me a question and (pointing to the window) it seems like the Questions lands over there and I have to try and Bring it Close so I can respond.”

I didn’t ask him any more questions.  I felt so sad and I felt like some of his Presence was Gone.

He was mixing up his words when he tried to tell me something and I saw his humiliation.

Gioffredo has always been extremely intelligent and articulate.

Now He was stumbling with his thoughts and words like he was drunk or had lost his mind.

It was really, really, really hard to See.

I hugged him and left and Cried so hard on the way home from the Hospital that I had to pull my car over on the side of the road until I could recover my composure and drive.

Seriously, I feel like he already died.  I mean, he hasn’t, and apparently he still has some really lucid times.  But that experience yesterday felt like the Good-Bye between us.

The Work of Death…Making Peace within himself, Making Peace with everyone in his Life, and with his Life History.  Letting Go of his Physical and Mental Capacities.  Being Present to the Experience and Going through the Enormous amount of physical pain he has been in, is all such a Huge Work. Accepting the Process and Submitting to it with his Whole Heart is what I am seeing and it makes me immensely Proud to be his Sister.

I look forward to his being Finished with this Work and to his Relief from Pain and His Time of Rest and Joy with the Lord.

He has Great Faith and that is a wonderful consolation to him. All of this is Compelling me to Live each Day with More Attentiveness, with More Gratitude, with More Love, and More Kindness.  And it is Expanding my Heart to Greater and Greater Compassion and Love as I Assist and Witness the Work of Death in the lives all those I work with every day.

Thank you all for your Presence with Me, and for the many Good Wishes and Prayers for Gioffredo and his family that I have received.

Thank you for Listening, Dziękuję za Słuchający, Grazie per l’ascolto,

With Love I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

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