Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

The story in the Gospel about the Widow’s Offering has been one that always been a source of Consolation for me, especially I go through times of feeling like there is so little I can do or give to help in alleviating the suffering of others. I remember when I first began working with women and children in the far North of Canada  about 20 years ago at a place where we offered shelter, food, clothing and some medical assistance, as well as emotional support to homeless, transient or otherwise struggling people.  The first six months of doing that work, I cried myself to sleep almost every night, with the visions of the pain in their eyes and realizing how desperate and complicated their needs and wounds and issues were and how little we could do for them, except to alleviate some of the immediate needs. I also knew way back then, that their complicated pain and needs were Mirroring my own and that my pain was surfacing because of my contact with them.  Although this was scary, deep down I had been seeking out Suffering People to serve and help all my Life, because I had so completely Fled my Own Enormous Pain.

One day I suddenly understood something of the Widow’s Offering.  I was exhausted and there was still so much to do and we were inundated with people with so many needs and we did not have enough staff or volunteers to cover all the bases.  The Gospel of the Widow’s Offering had been read at a morning prayer service I attended and it was fresh in my mind.  I suddenly saw all of us as Poor Widow’s, who were giving what was technically a small bit of help to a small percentage of the poor in the world, but we were Giving All We Had.

The Poor were Serving the Poor.  And there was Light and Healing and Comfort enough for All of Us, in the Exchange of Love, Need, Kindess, Giving and Receiving that went Both Ways. Copper Pennies of Effort became Golden Gifts of Healing for all of us and the there was no more distinction beween Server and Served.

Now these past few days as I have been struggling with the Unknowing of what may come of all the Effort I have put into getting my books written and published,  I suddenly find myself once again feeling very much like the Poor Widow. Three books in a Sea of Millions of Books.  What difference will they make?  Will they make a difference?  I do not know and I have to Let Go, and Let Go Completely.

I have given what little I have, and I have given it with all my Heart. I  need to trust that even if what I offer the world only helps a tiny number of people, it will be Enough. I have only done what I felt moved and called to do.  Now the fruits of it are up to Another.

This story is also a strong reminder to me of the importance of not Judging anyone for what they Give…who knows…maybe they are Giving all they Have to Live On.

There is a Joy in Pouring Out of our Copper Pennies…and  a Freedom.

Thank you with all my heart for accepting my Copper Pennies and finding the Gift in them.


The Widow’s Offering Luke 21: 1-4

As Jesus looked up, he saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury.  He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. ”Truly I tell you,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others.  All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

A spojrzawszy ujrzał bogacze rzucające dary swoje do skarbnicy.  Ujrzał też i niektórą wdowę ubożuchną, wrzucającą tamże dwa drobne pieniążki.  I rzekł: Prawdziwieć wam powiadam, żeć ta uboga wdowa więcej niż ci wszyscy wrzuciła.  Ci bowiem wszyscy z tego, co im zbywało, wrzucili do darów Bożych, ale ta z niedostatku swego wszystkę żywność, którą miała, wrzuciła.

Poi, alzati gli occhi, Gesù vide dei ricchi che gettavano i loro doni nella cassa delle offerte. Vide pure una vedova poveretta che vi gettava due spiccioli;  e disse: In verità vi dico che questa povera vedova ha gettato più di tutti; poiché tutti costoro hanno gettato nelle offerte del loro superfluo; ma costei, del suo necessario, v’ha gettato tutto quanto avea per vivere.


With my Gift from the Heart, Z moim Dar z Serca, Con il mio Dono dal Cuore,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

* For those of you who may not know, I have published a series of three books that tell the story of my recovery and healing from profoundly intense physical, sexual and spiritual abuse. These books have dozens of paintings that I did during my process and those paintings are a core form of communication I used in my Healing. These books are available on Amazon. I hope you will read them and pass them on to others!

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