Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

I can hardly believe it has been 6 months since I have written, but I have been deeply involved in caring for my mother, who was very ill for many months and recently has passed away. During this time I was consciously choosing to do my own inner experiment to see just how far healing and forgiveness can go.

It is with great joy that I have found it can go as far as I desire, as far as I can dream, as far as the wounding and as far as I am willing to go.

The call I felt last Spring was “To heap kindness on my mother, and on anyone whom I was not fully at peace with..”  This is because I felt such a powerful need and desire to have a heart free from bitterness, free from unforgiveness, free from anything less than peace and joy.  I wanted to have no regrets, no enemies of my heart, no one that I would refuse to find love and forgiveness for.

Now that my mother has passed,  my time and energy will be spent again on writing, speaking, travel, and rejoicing in the miracles that are manifesting in my life and sharing the joy and fruits with others.

I want to end this post with a couple of beautiful quotes on kindness:


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” 
― Lao Tzu

“I would rather make mistakes in kindness and compassion than work miracles in unkindness and hardness.” 
― Mother TeresaA Gift for God: Prayers and Meditations


With Love and Peace, Z Miłości i Pokoju, Con Amore e Pace,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

* For those of you who may not know, I have published a series of three books that tell the story of my recovery and healing from profoundly intense physical, sexual and spiritual abuse. These books have dozens of paintings that I did during my process and those paintings are a core form of communication I used in my Healing. These books are available on Amazon. I hope you will read them and pass them on to others!  This White House (Book One), Going Sane (Book Two) and A Spectacular Dawn (Book Three)