Dear Friends,

Dr. A. and I had a Core Commitment throughout my therapeutic journey and that was a Commitment to “Stay Faithful To What Was Needed.” What I needed was not something that could be spelled out week to week, month to month, year by year, as my needs changed throughout the process. It was a way that we worked beautifully together, without putting up artificial structures around timing or expectations on my healing but remained in profoundly honest communication and negotiation of what each step required of each of us.

In this past year I have been in the Leave-Taking process (Also known in Psychological terms as “The Termination Phase”)…gradually having less and less contact with him and learning to Fly on my Own. I had a meeting with him on the phone the other day, after quite a long time of not being in contact, and it was a very emotional experience for me. I love him so much, I am so profoundly grateful for the amazing role he has had in my life, and yet and most importantly, I am Committed to Staying Faithful to What is Needed…and although I have unmet needs in my life at the moment, they are not needs that need to be processed or worked on with him, nor are they needs to be met by him. When I honestly acknowledged that in my Soul this morning, I knew I must Let Go even Further and Deeper as this relationship has come to its completion.

Even though it would be wonderful on a feeling level to stay in touch every few months and keep him up to date with my happenings, that was not what our relationship was formed for. That was not its purpose or its meaning. Staying true to the meaning and purpose of the Therapeutic Relationship is crucial for my long term Freedom and Integrity.

One of my nieces’ graduated from University last month from a Masters Degree Program and I attended her Graduation Ceremony. Over the last 8 years of her commitment to her education, she has often talked about what it has meant to be in school for so long, and to have it as a part of her daily life full-time, part-time, sometimes having a job, sometimes not, but always school. I spoke with her a few weeks ago right after her Graduation and she said she was experiencing the first weekend in 8 years when she did not have any required reading or homework or papers to write! She said she was thrilled and yet also almost sick with being at a loss of something that had required so much of her time, her energy, her commitment, and something that was of such value and growth for her. Now she is already working in her field and has begun to plunge into practicing all she learned in school. It is so wonderful to observe this progression and new stage in her life.

I could see her situation and her mixed emotions and they mirrored my own. I, too, in my journey with Dr. A. have been very committed and focused and had this work as a constant in my life for 8 years. Now I am done with this part that required a therapist like him. My healing is not complete, my understanding and my knowledge are not complete, but this part of my journey is complete. I have finished with an enormous task and am just beginning to plunge into this new chapter of my Spectacular Dawn.

It came so clear to me that Staying True to a Conscious and Sacred Commitment is far more Precious than anything I could create to drag it on, to force a continuance that would be less than necessary. Oh that Letting Go!!!

I Jump, I Leap, I Stumble, I Cry and I Laugh…

And Today with Love and Grief I Sing A Cold and Broken Hallelujah,

Gabriel Orion Marie