“Gabriel Orion Marie’s first book, This White House, is not just for other victims of abuse or those involved with them.
It is very much for them, and powerfully so. Every professional in a field of therapeutic healing would benefit greatly
in many ways, including the profound mentoring witness of Dr. A.

But all of us can find Heath, Hope, Meaning and Healing in her humble, open, sincere, and exquisite telling of her path, discovery, pain and the ultimate recovery that we all seek:

“I no longer fear death nor do I fear life. I just am and it is very good” is the silent cry within that each one of us wants to be able to proclaim and Gabriel Orion Marie
has done so profoundly:

“I am living my own impossible dream”

“I want you to have the dignity of participating in your own Resurrection.”

“I have rediscovered God in the Resurrection of theChild that I AM, a little ray from the Light of God that cannot be extinguished”

These are the deepest longings of all children and adults of all the forms of abuse that comes with living out our painful lives.
This is a book of Hope like none other, a must read for victims of any abuse and for anyone who deals with them, lives with them, or loves them.

And it is a must read for the rest of us as well because we don’t always know we are dealing with, living with and loving one who has been through
the horror that our new friend and author, Gabriel Orion Marie, so deeply shares with us.”
Marie Emmanuelle