For the past week I have been contacting individual psychologists, art therapists, professors of psychology and art therapy…one by one, to introduce my work to them. It was surprising to me that there are so many Universities and Colleges in Canada and USA that offer degree programs in Art Therapy. It is wonderful!

Reading the faculty professional biographies has been so interesting and inspiring. Many of them also have private practices, or are involved in a wide range of associations, community organizations, and groups that offer therapeutic services to those in need. Now that I am coming out of the quiet, private and all alone sort of world I was in and making contact with these people, a whole new world is opening up to me and it is breathtaking.

Already I have received a number of email replies from professors and art therapists and their encouragement and unanimously positive feedback is so encouraging! Several psychologists have said that they felt my books would be very valuable study material for students who are studying psychology, sexual abuse, incest, trauma, abnormal psychology, art therapy, recovery, etc.

Beginning today, Going Sane is available free for five days. I hope many people will take advantage of this promotion.

With my Joyful Trust in the Impossible,

Gabriel Orion Marie