Soul Series #5

The Soul Series painting I did are about my inner life, my soul…the adult and the child within. They are naked, vulnerable. Safe for one another, but not so sure about the outside world.  I worked out so many issues through the lens of both the positive and negative experiences, ideas, concepts, and beliefs in the Christian faith.  That lens sometimes became like a kaleidoscope, depending on which fragment I was looking through.

The child has found a nail, and it frightens him, because he knows somewhere deep inside him what it means…that he will be nailed.

He reaches for his mother, wanting to believe that this won’t be that the nail is an accident, meant for someone else.

She is looking at her life and she looking at her God, outside of herself, asking Him how can this be?


About Gabriel Orion Marie
I am an author and artist. I have written and spoken to individuals and to groups in order share my personal story of being a woman who survived severe sexual abuse and incest during childhood. My desire is to share with others how I embarked upon an epic healing journey that saved my life and restored my sanity. This journey included an unexpected method of communicating and healing from the inexpressible by drawing and painting with an enlightened witness as my guide. Read More Here.