Ave Maria

I had seen the movie The Passion of the Christ and there were many scenes that were very moving to me.  There was a scene where Mary was up above in a courtyard, after Jesus had been flogged and scourged…there was blood on the pavement.  She didn’t know where he was, but he had been taken to a dungeon below the courtyard and he was chained up down there.  In the movie, at one point, she feels his presence…she knows he is suffering and she gets down on the pavement, as her deep motherly love has located him below her.  She is pressing herself against the pavement and he suddenly is aware of her and is silently looking upwards.  There is a thick cement floor between them, but they are aware of each others presence and their love for one another. I saw in myself the Mother who was finding the child inside.

About Gabriel Orion Marie
I am an author and artist. I have written and spoken to individuals and to groups in order share my personal story of being a woman who survived severe sexual abuse and incest during childhood. My desire is to share with others how I embarked upon an epic healing journey that saved my life and restored my sanity. This journey included an unexpected method of communicating and healing from the inexpressible by drawing and painting with an enlightened witness as my guide. Read More Here.