Dear Friends,

Today is the last day of the promotion for free downloads of Going Sane (Book Two), and I had word today that the number of downloads were nearly double that of This White House (Book One), which was offered two weeks ago. I am receiving very beautiful and encouraging emails almost daily from people who have read one or more of my books and this touches me deeply.

This is all very exciting and I was noticing a fear, an anxiety…that felt unfamiliar…and when I stayed with it and paid attention to it, I realized that it was a new fear…a fear of success! Fear of failure is something I felt every single day of my life up until a few years when I finally let that go.

The more I allowed myself to feel all that today, the more the intense emotions faded and then it came to me that there is no such thing as Failure or Success. There is only Here and Now and my relationship to the Present Moment. Failure and Success are fabricated labels that we judgmentally put on passing realities, situations and sadly, even on people.

It takes a great pressure off of me when I let go of such phantoms of Success and Failure and just breathe and let my heart regain peace and inner quiet.

My desire with my books and art work is to share my hope and confidence that any healing is possible, and I pray that I can remain unshaken in peace and stability regardless of how much or how little the gift is received.

If my efforts to come out to the world helps even one of my brothers or sisters in the world who still suffers, what Joy is mine!

Love and Light,

Gabriel Orion Marie