Dear Friends,

It has been a month now since I began this blog and I did so at the urging of several of my friends and also my publisher who told me that having a living website, something active and not static, is something that readers want. They told me it would give more credibility to me and be a place where I could continue to be creative and also to interact with people who are interested in the topics surrounding sexual abuse and its effects and the many aspects of healing that are part of my journey.

I write much like I Painted…I just go in my room, close the door and sit in front of my computer and it Pops out of me. Sometimes I am responding to a question posed to me, other times something Strikes me Brightly or Strongly during the course of a day and I know that is the next thing to share.

When I was in therapy with Dr. A., there were days when my brain was so full of topics and experiences that I wanted to communicate about that I would tell him that my brain felt like there was a Traffic Jam in it and if he would just ask me a question it would pull a Thread that would begin to Untangle the thoughts and bring them out into the Light where I so desperately needed them to be. His Question would be a Gentle Guide that Opened the Door for me Come Out with what was in my Heart and Mind.

Now with this Blogging, I was feeling rather Unsure of Myself and UnGuided and not knowing where to begin and yet I was trusting that it is the Right Thing to Do, so I simply Began…

Now Questions from readers are coming to me and they are becoming My Unseen Guide and I want to thank you for sending them to me.

Someone has asked: “Were there other people besides Dr. A. who were part of my recovery process?” The Answer is YES and I will begin to answer that question in more detail in my next few posts, which I hope to begin later today.

With my Respect and Gratitude for All of You, my Unseen Guides,

I remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie