Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

Last night I had a very powerful dream that I want to tell you about because it revealed something very important to me.

I was in the House of my Childhood, in the double bed that I share with my younger sister. It was Thundering Ferociously and Pouring down Rain and Hail. The Wind was Roaring and Bella and I were wide awake with terror. This was the worst Storm ever and I had a feeling we were probably going to Die.

From my bed I could look out the window because the sheer curtain was blown away from the glass panes and I was puzzled by the fact that I could see Bright Blue Sky Above the storm, through the cracks in the Menacing Clouds. Boom! A Crack of Thunder! Crash! A Flash of Lightening!

We could hear houses around us Collapsing and People Screaming. Bella was crying. There was a Huge Blast of Thunder and there was that Eerie Silence before the next Lightening Strike, and in that Moment of Silence suddenly I stood up, the House was tilting and swaying, about to go Down and I was not Afraid at all. The most Enormous, Deafening Bolt of Lightening Struck and our Home was being Destroyed. Right then and there I Accepted it. I Completely Accepted that This White House was Crashing and that Bella and I would most likely Die.

I felt such a Warmth and Peace come over me. I was 100% Present. I reached out to Console Bella by touching her hand just as that most Massive Lightening Bolt hit and I woke up and I was sitting upright in my bed with my hand still reaching for my sister.

It was so thrilling to me that I was able to Find and Maintain Inner Peace and Presence in the midst of a Massive Emergency. It felt so real. It was one of those dreams that was both a Lesson, and a Mirror of where I have come.

Learning to respond to Struggles and Stresses and even Emergencies from a place of Peace is another great blessing and hallmark of Healing.

Because I had the day off from my regular job today I drove down to the City where This White House is and I went to look at it again and just Be near it. It still stands. As do I. Deo Gratias.

With Love and Peace, Z Miłości i Pokoju, Con Amore e Pace,

I remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

* For those of you who may not know, I have published a series of three books that tell the story of my recovery and healing from profoundly intense physical, sexual and spiritual abuse. These books have dozens of paintings that I did during my process and those paintings are a core form of communication I used in my Healing. These books are available on Amazon. I hope you will read them and pass them on to others !

This White House (Book One), Going Sane (Book Two) and A Spectacular Dawn