Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

There is a very striking Reality that is becoming very clear to me as I am dealing with the Grief and Loss that I have yet another brother who is dying of cancer.  That reality is:  Life Goes On.

A couple of days ago I had been with my other siblings, as we had been together talking and processing some of our Shock and Grief about Gioffredo.  As I was driving home, looking at the traffic, all the people going to and fro…the parking lots in restaurants were busy, the Mall was full of people and I was crying so hard I could hardly breathe.

Looking at all the traffic and people, all I could think was:

“How can you be shopping???  Gioffredo is dying!”

“How can you be eating at a restaurant???? Gioffredo is dying!”

“How can you be enjoying anything??? Gioffredo is dying!”

Like a Sonic Boom in my Soul, I heard the words:  Life Goes On.

I was angry, sad and yet something about those words Life Goes On felt really TRUE to me and I wanted to pay attention to the lesson at hand.  Part of my commitment to living a Conscious Life is that I pay attention to everything that happens and always try to locate the Gift and Blessing in every single event and moment.

Life Goes On.  

We have had some very bad storms in this part of the country the past months and as I kept driving out to the town where I live, I saw so many huge trees that had fallen and work crews were cutting them up.  In our neighborhood everyone has yard debris and tree limbs and whole cut up trees at the edge of the street for pick up by the town crews.

Thousands of tress have died, been uprooted and collapsed.  Life Goes On.

Hundreds of Thousands more still stand.

I went to a lake near where I live to sit and just Be, and the beach was fairly quiet, though there were a few families with young children.  The children were laughing and giggling and squealing and having a wonderful time.  I looked across at them, and heard those words Booming in my Soul again:

Life Goes On.

I looked at those little children and I thought:  I will die, and they will be Adults….probably with children of their own and grandchildren.  Then they will die and it will still be True:

Life Goes On.

Suddenly, I felt such Peace and I pictured my brother Angelo who died a year and half ago and how happy he looked when I had a dream of him a few months later.  I thought of my deep Belief in Heaven..whatever that is…my Belief that this life is just the Beginning, and that we have Eternity stretching out in front of us.

It is True and it is Spectacular that Life Goes On!  That is at the Heart of my Belief in Heaven and Eternal Life.

Then, I for a little bit I was able to look at Gioffredo’s impending death as really just the Next Step he is taking in his Journey of Eternal Life.

His Life Will Go On, too…It is only his Earthly life that ends, but he will continue to Exist and I will continue to Love him and speak to him and be Grateful that he is Eternally my Brother.

My commitment  to Life, to Sanity and to Consciousness is to Love, to Be Kind, to Always Forgive, Let Go, Begin Again and Be Present Here and Now. I will Love Gioffredo Today as I have loved him all these years.  I will Love every member of our family and I will find ways of being Kind to each one.  I will be kind to Myself, too.  And I will Continue to Live Each Moment on Earth that I am Given and I will not Fear Death because:

Life Goes On!

With love and respect, z Miłością i Zaangażowaniem, Con Amore e Impegno,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

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