Dear Gabriel,

Your books are incredible. I don’t know if you need me to tell you that or not, but they are. Remember, I’m a professional writer and even I can’t find anything to pick at. Oh sure, a word or two here and there, maybe a comma, but your story completely dwarfs any such mundane considerations. Your art has a stange effect on me too. There was a time when my cousin Judith considered herself a multiple, although she and her therapist decided it was extreme disassociation. Usually I can easily put “survivor art” into categories, but not yours. It’s this amazing combination of art and art therapy both, and it straddles and transcends the two. For me your pictures are inseparable from your words, and I want to do justice to that here in the Gallery. I don’t feel as if I’m putting this very well, and that’s rare for someone who considers herself an excellent communicator!

You’ll hear from me again very soon.

Jean Cozier
Awakenings Foundation
Chicago, Illinois