Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

For any of you who has read my books, you will know from reading  A Spectacular Dawn (Book Three), that I had a brother Angelo, who died of cancer very suddenly and unexpectedly.  Angelo’s death impacted and changed me on every level of my Being.

Yesterday I talked to my brother Gioffredo, and he has a large tumor on his pancreas.  He has not been feeling well for the past year, with random issues that never really amounted to a solid diagnosis. One of the very difficult things about pancreatic cancer is that it often does not show symptoms until it is very far advanced.  This seems to be the case with Gioffrodo. More tests tomorrow will determine if it has metastasized yet and if there is anything that can be done medically.

Just last Sunday he and I were talking on the phone (He lives in another part of the country right now for his work), and we talked about the fact that “None of us knows the Day or the Hour”..we talked about Life Being Short and we talked about our brother Angelo’s death just a year and half ago.  (He is in his early 60’s and I am in my early 50’s).  We talked about being at a place in our lives where we see the importance of Trusting in the Eternal Perspective and knowing that all that we may not know or understand now, will One day be known and Understood.  At the end of the conversation I said to him “Gioffredo, I know it makes you a little uncomfortable to hear this, but I feel like I HAVE to tell you this:  I love you more than I can say.”  His voice began to crack as he said “Thanks” and we then both kinda laughed and said we would talk soon.

Gioffredo has been very supportive in my effort and accomplishment in writing and publishing my story.  He shared part of his story in a book his therapist wrote about Abused Boys, many years ago.  He even did some radio and TV appearances being interviewed about his work of trying to recover from severe abuse.

He was the only Child of The White House who ever Stood Up to our father and more than once defended me when our father was being particularly cruel to me.  For this, my father came at him with a butcher knife, and Gioffredo stood unmoved.  He would have taken the knife plunged into him to protect me. Gioffredo’s Courage must have weakened my father, because he backed down. Giofrredo took me and my sisters to our Grandmothers House to keep us safe that night.  Only the Children of the White House know how bad it really was…

This news is about him, not me… and yet I need to follow my own inner process as best I can and not make this about me, while honoring and acknowledging the impact it has on me.

One of my commitments all along as I have been publishing my books (and now this blog )is that I not writing about or telling anyone else’s story.  The only story I really have the Authority to write is My Own.  It is also a commitment of mine to respect the privacy and anonymity of all other living persons in my life and history.

Therefore, right now if I need to write about Gioffredo, it will be from the perspective of my relationship with him and the Good-Bye process that he and I will go through, so please understand that my writing from this perspective is out of Respect for him and his family and not because I am making this about “Me”.

Tomorrow I will share more.

In Shock and Grief, W Szoku i Smutku, In stato di Shock e il Dolore,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie