Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

I have been doing some soul searching during this past Holy Week and Easter and I was asking myself a question that I use for a sort of private examination of conscience. It is this:

Do I have any Enemies today?

For Me an Enemy is anyone I have Not Forgiven, anyone for whom I feel an Annoyance, an Anger, anyone I am Thinking Unkind Thoughts or Judgments about.. anyone I am holding any Grudge against…anyone that I feel is Indebted to me for anything.

Somedays I notice I have Created a Host of Enemies..and that is always an Unhappy Day! (Another driver who was driving poorly and irritated me, the person ahead of me in the grocery line at check out who kept me waiting for a long time with all her complicated and seemingly unnecessary requests from the cashier, a relative whom I am estranged from, a person in the past with whom I was in an Abusive relationship, the Catholic Church, Any Church, a Government, a business…I can make an Enemy out of anyone whom I oppose, resist, disagree with, dislike, distrust.

Do I have any Enemies today?

I found one today and I wanted to resolve this immediately because I know we are just as Bound to anyone or anything that we dislike or hate or distrust and I want to be Free of having any Enemy. I have discovered that the Fastest Way to put myself in Prison is to Judge, Look Down Upon, or Disrespect another human person. And I have discovered that the Fastest Way to Freedom is Be Grateful for that person.

Gratitude Dissolves Prison Bars and takes me to the Heart of Thorough Forgiveness very quickly and without Delay.

I can ALWAYS ask God, the Universe and myself this Question; “What is the Gift in This Situation, This Person?” And ALWAYS there IS a Gift. Sometimes the Gift is that it is a situation that can push me to greater kindness, greater compassion, greater openness to the world around me. Sometimes the Gift remains a Mystery, but I know for certain that it is There!

Now each night before I go to bed I ask Myself if I have Created any Enemies Today and if I have, I start Thanking God God for them and asking to be Shown the Gift in them and before long I feel that Dissolving of Cold Prison Bars.

I Relax My Penetrating Minds Eye and Soften my Gaze on Them until I feel Compassion instead of Judgment.

This is what I did today and it Freed me and I felt such Relief and Cleanliness in my whole Being.

Oh, how much better I sleep! Gratitude is the most Instantaneous Remedy for just about Any Soul Illness that I contract on any day! Love, Respect and Kindess are so much easier than Hatred, Harsh Judgment and Meanness.

A long time ago I heard a quote from Longfellow I want to share with you..

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

My challenge to Myself right now is to pay attention when I feel even the slightest beginnings of Irritation, Anger or Judgment and to quickly stop and Apply Gratitude and Compassion, remembering that this person has secret Sorrows and Sufferings that I do not know.

With No Enemy, Z Zaden Wróg, Senza Nemico,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

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