Dear Friends,

Two of my favorite Teachers of our times are Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. I have many of their books and read a passage or chapter or two almost every day, as a source Nourishment for my Mind and Soul. They both have similar teachings about not resisting anything that is.…accepting everything that happens, including those things that we label as difficult or dreadful. I consider myself a Student of both of these Teachers and I want to practice applying these Truths in my daily life. Probably the most consistently difficult thing in my life these days is that in my work with seniors there are some clients who are very unhappy, very unpleasant, very agitated, and sometimes extremely verbally aggressive and abusive.

This is something that is very challenging for me, and something that can quickly trigger old fears and old wounds. Being unjustly accused, being treated with disrespect are really upsetting experiences for me and because these people are considered “vulnerable adults”, it is not possible to set the same kind of boundaries with them as I would with other adults. I cannot say to them “If you speak like that to me, I will leave this room”, because I have to stay and make sure they take their medication, etc. Technically, they are not of completely sound minds, so they cannot be held responsible for their behavior…yet very often there is a Cleverness in their Cruelty that makes is seem much more conscious and deliberate than not.

Currently in my workplace there is a very unpleasant client who has taken an extreme dislike of me and is very abusive every time I need to enter her room to bring her medication. My desire is to be Unmoved, Unharmed, Unhurt by her verbal attacks, I want to allow them to pass through me and find no resistance, like a bullet that flies through the air and cannot do any harm because it does not meet anything to strike against.

I can See this kind of Non-Resistance, I Understand it, and I Desire it, but can I Live it? I am praying, I am meditating and I am working at settling into a strong place of Consciousness before I go in to work, and I want to Embrace this mundane and difficult Challenge and learn to be at Perfect Peace in the midst of it.

Here I Go, with God as my Witness and with Eckhart and Deepak whispering Truths into my Heart!

Gabriel Orion Marie