Dear Friends,

My publisher and I decided this week that we would like to offer my books free on Amazon Kindle for 5 day promotional periods. This is the schedule:

This White House: Jan. 17th- 21st

Going Sane: Jan. 24th- 28th

A Spectacular Dawn: Jan. 31- Feb 4th

After only two days of this promotion for This White House, I had word last evening that it is ranked #2 in its category and in the top 5000 overall!

The Astonishing thing is that I just know that this is going to be a fabulous year! On Tuesday of this week I made another inner leap into the unknown, by being willing to stay present with myself through an intense experience of sudden anxiety about my future. I am a woman of humble means, I work full time for an hourly wage caring for elderly folks and I have learned to lived very gently, financially, but sudden expenses come up like a broken tooth or a flat tire. Over the years of my life I have come to a place of detachment about money and provisions, and I keep my heart open to the Universe, to God and my own promptings, and for the past year I have been learning more and more to turn over my need to God every day, because health issues put me in dire straights for some time.

So, Wednesday of this week I woke up and said to the Universe and to God, ” I don’t know how you want me to provide for myself, I am working 40 hours a week and I could look for a second job, but I don’t think I can keep doing that. I have worked so hard physically, all my life and I have had serious health issues this past year. Please, God, Please Universe, Surprise me!”

Healing can be so Joyfully Surprising!

I am Surprised! We shall see what happens after the free promotions. I was able to choose the pricing on the books and I priced them low so that they would be affordable for anyone who would benefit from them, and I decided a long time ago that if I were to publish books it would because I want to give a Gift to the world, I would never do it from a mindset or attitude of “selling my story”. I was sold as a Child. I will never sell myself. I am doing this as a Gift.

Thank you to all of you who are accepting my Gift. I hope and pray that my Healing can help yourx and together we help to Heal the World!

With my Love and Respect,

I remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie