Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

My friend Loda and I were having a back and forth correspondence about “Letting Go” in our personal recovery. We had been talking about forgiving those who have Hurt us because we have felt and experienced that we are as Attached to anyone that we have not Forgiven as we are to anyone we we Love. Hatred and Unforgiveness create powerful bonds and our experience has been that Forgiveness is what Dissolves those bonds.

Anyway, in her last email to me on Saturday she wrote: “There is one thought that I go back to which is: “What mattered to Jesus after he rose again?” After being whipped, tortured and crucified, dying and being in a tomb for 3 days, descending into hell and rising again, what the hell matters? What is a resurrected person like? They have tasted the bitterness of death. I know you have tasted bitterness that in your life. And yet, you are alive. All I can fathom is that Jesus does looks at all of us with deep compassion. The compassion he had on the poor grief-stricken disciples on the road to Emmaus. I try to remember this “After the Resurrection” feeling when I look at anyone or anything these days, especially after something terrible happens that I just can’t come to grips with. Even myself.”

I wanted to share this very beautiful thought with you. I have been thinking about her question so much:” What Mattered to Jesus After the Resurrection?”

What do you Think?

Happy Easter! Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych! Buona Pasqua!

In His Resurrection, W Jego Zmartwychwstaniu, Nella Sua Risurrezione,

I remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie

Thank you for Listening, Dziękuję za Słuchający, Grazie per l’ascolto,

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