My name is Gabriel Orion Marie, (Veronica C. Wanchena). I am an author, artist and speaker. I have published a series of three books, and given presentations about my personal story of being a woman who survived severe sexual abuse and torture during childhood. My desire is to share with others how I embarked upon an epic healing journey that saved my life and restored my sanity. This therapeutic journey included an unexpected method of communicating and healing from the inexpressible by drawing and painting with an enlightened witness as my guide.

Self Portrait PaintingsDuring the process of therapy I created over 325 paintings and drawings to assist me in getting the agonizing experiences out of me, and to communicate to my therapist exactly what happened, how it hurt me, and how deeply tormented I was.

It is my hope that my books, my artwork, and my personal witness will bring hope, courage and insight to others who have suffered from violence or abuse. I hope my work will also be a source of deeper understanding for those who are in the helping professions about the impact of abuse and the key aspects of the therapeutic relationship that I found most helpful. In my art and my writing I have opened the doors of my most personal experience of wounding and also the door into the sacred arena of therapy from which my healing emerged.

Several prints of my work are part of a larger traveling exhibit with the work of other artists in The Netherlands entitled “Strength from Brokenness”. I also have donated a 7- piece exhibit entitled My Fire: The Alchemy of Abuse to The Awakenings Foundation Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. It is on permanent display there.

If you are interested in my paintings or prints of my work, book a speaking engagement, or have other questions, you are welcome to contact me and I will respond in a timely manner.

With love and respect,
Gabriel Orion Marie (Veronica C. Wanchena)


P.O. Box 5057
Hopkins, Minnesota 55343
Ph: 612-644-4697

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