Dear Friends, Drodzy Przyjaciele, Cari Amici,

Please share my Joy that now all three of the books in my series  This White House (Book One) and Going Sane (Book Two)  and A Spectacular Dawn (Book Three) are available in printed format, as well as ebooks!  This has been a major project that has taken me a year and half to accomplish and I am thrilled.   Each of my books contain 30-60 images of my paintings,  and because the paintings are a very key part of the communication, I had the books done in 8.5 x 11 size to give the paintings the prominence they deserve.

I decided to put in this post the Note From The Author that I have in each of the three books, which outlines my three books.


This is that Note:

I wrote a series of books to share with you my personal story of intense suffering during childhood and how I embarked upon an epic healing journey. This journey included an unexpected method of communicating and healing from the inexpressible by drawing and painting with an enlightened witness as my guide.

There are many themes in the areas of wounding and healing from sexual abuse, incest and torture, and for my books, I have chosen themes that were most prominent in my journey. I created over 325 paintings and drawings during several years of my therapy and have arranged selections of them by themes for chapters. I tried to choose paintings in each topic that I felt would communicate best what I am trying to share.

These themes and paintings are divided into three books, each sharing the subtitle: Recovery From Incest Through Painting My Story:

 This White House (Book One)

Chapter 1 A Legacy of Shame: A Brief Autobiography

Chapter 2 First Revelations: Beginning Therapy

Chapter 3 Child Pornography/Child Prostitution

Chapter 4 Multiplicity

Chapter 5 Inner Deaths: Borderline Series

Chapter 6 Obesity and Measurement

Chapter 7 Spirituality and Guilt


Going Sane (Book Two)

Chapter 1 The Therapeutic Relationship

Chapter 2 Establishing My Insanity

Chapter 3 Tortured

Chapter 4 The Penis Question

Chapter 5 The Fiercest Taboo

Chapter 6 Sensations

Chapter 7 Some of My Selves


A Spectacular Dawn (Book Three)

Chapter 1 Choosing Consciousness

Chapter 2 Grieving

Chapter 3 Letting Go

Chapter 4 Forgiveness

Chapter 5 A New Beginning

Chapter 6 The Dawn and I

Chapter 7 Only Now


It is my sincere hope that you will find something in these volumes that will assist you in perceiving, understanding, expressing, and healing from spoken or unspoken sorrows or wounds you may carry in your own hearts.

From My Heart, Z Mojego Serca, Dal Mio Cuore,

I Remain,

Gabriel Orion Marie